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The online research process is a multifaceted one. The more you learn about each element of the process, the closer you’ll be to mastering online research. The following videos and tutorials cover the key aspects of this process. Designed for Columbia students by experts in the field, these tutorials and videos will guide you through important steps in your research. Click through the tutorials to understand the role of scholarly resources, and watch the videos to make the most of online search tools.


Brainstorming and the Concept Map


Brainstorming and the Concept Map: Concept maps are exciting, dynamic ways to begin your research. Map, outline, and explore the relationships between related topics


Evaluating the Credibility of a Resource


Evaluating the Credibility of a ResourceDo you trust every resource you come across? Hone your evaluation skills with this tutorial.



Peer-Review Basics


Peer ReviewWhat does “peer reviewed” mean? What makes peer reviewed articles important to researchers?



Ethical Research Methods


Ethical Research MethodsDo you know why citation is important and how to conduct ethical research? Find out in this vital tutorial.




Information OverloadInformation Overload - Choosing the Right Database for Your Task: Do you know that Columbia has many different types of resources for many different tasks? The databases include items like scholarly journal articles, abstract-only databases, and even databases for citations. Find the right kind of database for your information need with this video. 


Smart Searching


Smart Searching - Selecting the Right Database for Your Field: Each field has specialized databases. Whether you need a business article, historical newspaper or modern art image, Columbia has the right database for you.


Essential Search Tools


Essential Search Tools: Save yourself time and frustration with these expert tips for making the most of your search experience.



Search Result Management

Search Result Management: Wrestle with unwieldy search results no longer! This video helps you to get a handle on those thousands of results by showing you tips and tricks for finding the results you need.



7 Strategies for Working with Databases


7 Strategies for Working with Databases: Searching can be difficult, especially when each database behaves in a different manner. These seven strategies for working with databases will help you improve your search methods and get better, more relevant results.